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Product Analytics

Product Analytics

Product Analytics is one point of contact for:

  • Seamless onboarding to collect user behaviour and feedback.
  • Scalable product analytics tools for everyone.
  • A partner for all things related to understanding your users.

Contact Brian Ye, Head of Product Analytics



Visma places a high priority on accessibility. We strongly believe that accessibility not only supports inclusivity and diversity, but it also enhances user engagement and satisfaction and leads to increased revenue.

Looking for help with accessibility? 

Contact Julie Rasmussen, Accessibility Lead in Visma

Design Studio

Design Studio

Design Studio helps Visma companies elevate their customer and user experience through experimentation and quick design validation.

Building on our knowledge and experience from years of learning what works best for our segments to solve problems together with Visma companies. There is no other design agency that knows Visma contexts as well as we do after running 30 design sprints and facilitating countless user insights and product strategy workshops.

Want to innovate fast? Sign up for a Design sprint with us!

Reach out to Amanda Lundius Mörck, Director of User Experience

User Insights

User Insights

We use product-led frameworks and strategies and help product teams with

  • Clarity: defining a clear and measurable goal for their product, which can help them prioritise features and make decisions more effectively.
  • Alignment: ensuring that everyone on the team is working towards the same goal.
  • Focus: creating a core product experience that is truly valuable to users, rather than being drowned in unnecessary features or distractions.

Reach out to Victoria Bondarchuk, Director of Product Discovery.

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Having a buddy can help with professional support, feedback,
learning opportunities, and a sounding board for decisions.
It is also a great way to make new friends! 🤗

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How good is your team at user insights?

  • Is your team collecting user feedback but failing to use it effectively to improve the product?
  • Are different roles within your organization not communicating or collaborating effectively?
  • Are you frequently adding new features without seeing a significant impact on your Net Promoter Score (pNPS)?

Take User Insights Index Assessment

The overall goal of this tool is to give you a quick idea of how far along your organization is on the insight-driven product development maturity spectrum. As you answer these 10 questions, we’ll adjust your Score and give you advice on how to improve in real-time.

The User Insights Index journey

  • Get together with your team and go through the assessment to find out your score.

  • Get recommendations from our playbook with tried methods and the right training.

  • Together with the right people and the right resources you can improve further.

  • Learning new methods and new ways to solve problems will get you closer to a higher score.

  • After a year you can evaluate how far you came.

Ready to start your journey?

The User Insights Index is available now!

The product discovery playbook

Playbook is filled with trainings, projects, tools, and other resources to help your team excel.


Product Analytics - User Behaviour


Design Sprint


Identify your North Star


HEART Framework




Marty Cagan “How to Create Tech Products Customers Love”

Success stories

Knowledge is meant to be shared. Explore the cards below to learn more about how companies around Visma have leveraged their teams to work better with turning data into insights.

Success story

"We got a validated prototype to make our customers happy and more productive!"

Success story

“We really learned things we never would have known without the design sprint and will use these whenever we build something new from now on.”

Success story

"The Product design team has worked together with the Visma Recruit team to reimagine Visma Recruit, both from a UX and visual design perspective."

Success story

"What makes a trial customer want to stay and commit to a paid license? [...] use product insights and data experimentation to identify ways to reduce churn among new customers."

Success story

"The Hackathon format is quite similar to a Design Sprint in the sense that a team gets together to collaborate intensively on a challenge for one or more days."

Success story

"This is the story of how a Design Sprint helped Visma Idella win a tender with a large governmental organization."

Success story

"The world's most successful companies perform hundreds of experiments in their products in order to create products that their customers love."

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