Our pNPS continues to rise as we implement these improvements. It’s a game changer!
Atle M.
Former Product Development Director

A bit of background

Visma Recruit is a recruitment management application designed for handling candidates applying for jobs, also known as a Applicant Tracking System, or ATS for short. It covers all core aspects of how to do this properly, using vacancy templates for creating new jobs, publishing to relevant job boards, handling incoming candidates, scheduling interviews followed by a job offer for some, and a rejection for others.

It is Visma's main recruitment product in the public sector, used by no less than 60% of Sweden's municipalities and 40% of Sweden's counties, which is quite the accomplishment!

However, in 2020, the team could see that growth had stagnated, while competitors were flourishing. At this point in time, the product had a pNPS of -21. The team knew that they needed to do something, modernize and update the product somehow to make their customers happier and continue to attract new ones. They reached out to the Product Design hub and requested a design vision that could help inspire the team and show the potential of Visma Recruit.

We ran a Design Sprint

After an assessment, we created two hypotheses together with the team:

  • The key process of creating a case, creating and publishing an ad and managing candidates can be split into 3 clearly defined workflows with a clear start and finish:
  1. Case creation (also known as "need analysis") with or without approval step
  2. Job listing creation including publishing
  3. Candidate management (largest process) including hiring a candidate and ending the recruitment process

We came up with a new dashboard and job ad creation process

Getting the hifi design in the shape of a clickable prototype with a clear vision and story is what Atle M. describes as the real game changer and new beginning for the team and Visma Talent Solutions as an organisation. The story was told and retold many times, and it was a major driver for rethinking how they were investing, and how they needed to invest to make the vision a reality.

As we know, change doesn't happen over night. You need to create new habits. So, Visma Recruit invested in more UX (the great Matilda U.) and dedicated front-end. They have since continued this work and the team has continued to make room in their roadmap to create these changes.

Recruit - Dashboard
Recruit - Dialog
Recruit - Grid
Recruit - Form

Success! pNPS has increased

While the team has more work to do, they can already see it paying off. In a short time, the pNPS has increased to +9, and has continued to be on the plus side of the scale for several months.  That just goes to show what we can do if we put our minds to it. Huge congratulations to the team!

We expect to see this number increase even more in the coming months as you continue to improve the product.

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