The HEART framework

The HEART framework

The HEART Framework is meant to help you identify suitable success metrics in your product, in terms of happiness, engagement of users, adoption, retention, and task success. This training gives you an understanding of how the HEART framework is used and how to begin working with it in your product. This training is useful for, but not limited to, product owners, developers, business analysts, quality assurers, and designers.

The goal of the HEART Framework e-learning course is to help Visma product teams improve the user experience of software by evaluating any aspect of its user experience according to the HEART Framework that suggests five user-centered metrics, which are connected to goals and used to track progress toward those goals.

This course will introduce you to the HEART framework and prepare you for running your own workshop to discover your product goals, signals, and metrics in terms of users’ happiness, engagement, adoption, retention, and task success.

Throughout this course, you will also find templates and internal and external resources to help you plan and facilitate a HEART workshop.


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