Crash Course on Design Sprints

Crash Course on Design Sprints

Design Sprint is a popular method that is meant to help you explore a challenge together with your team and find solutions in one week. The course introduces the Design Sprint method, getting ready for a design sprint, and the day-by-day activities, templates, and resources to help you get started.

Design sprints have become an essential tool to help teams, small and large, tackle big problems quickly with tangible results. It is your opportunity to bring a cross-functional team of experts together to evolve abstract ideas into cohesive, visual solutions and testable prototypes and test them with real users in just 4 days!

This course will help you prepare and think about everything you need before running a Design Sprint workshop, and day-by-day activities during the Design Sprint with examples both external and from Visma.

Throughout this course, you will also find templates, internal and external resources to help you plan and facilitate a Design Sprint.

This course is intended for anyone who wants to facilitate a Design Sprint, no matter the role you have in your team, product owner, developer, business analyst, quality assurer, or designer.


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